Terms of use



The user is obligated to abide by the following transaction terms while accepting the order and delivery of the goods on the official website of Bobaot (hereinafter referred to as the website). Please read the following carefully before placing your order.

1. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service of this site

The ownership and operation rights of the various electronic services of this site belong to Bobaote Co., Ltd. The services provided by this site will be strictly implemented in accordance with the terms of service and operating rules issued by them. Users must fully agree to all terms of service and complete the registration process in order to become an official user of this site. The user confirms that the terms of this agreement are the basis for the processing of the rights and obligations of both parties, and will remain valid unless they violate the national mandatory laws. At the same time you place your order, you also acknowledge that you have the right and ability to purchase these products and are responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provide in the order.



2. the service brief

This site uses its own operating system to provide network services to users through the Internet. At the same time, the user must:
1. Equipped with the necessary equipment for Internet access, including personal computers, modems or other necessary Internet devices.
2. Pay for the telephone and network charges related to this service paid by the individual.
3. Based on the importance of the network services provided by the site, users should agree to:
<1>. Provide detailed and accurate personal information.
<2>. Constantly update the registration materials to meet timely, detailed and accurate requirements.
This site does not disclose the user's name, address, e-mail address and pen name, except for the following:
1. The user authorizes the site to disclose this information.
2. The corresponding legal procedures and government orders require the site to provide the user's personal data.
If the information provided by the user contains incorrect or illegal information, the site reserves the right to terminate the user's eligibility to use the network service.


3. the price and quantity

This site will do its utmost to ensure that the goods you purchase are consistent with the prices published on the website, but the price list and statement do not constitute an offer, just an invitation to offer.
This site reserves the right to withdraw the promise based on the principle of material misunderstanding in the event of any obvious error or out of stock of the products and orders appearing on its website. At the same time, this site reserves the right to limit the number of products ordered.
The price and availability of the product are indicated on this site. Such information is subject to change without any notice. The price of the item includes VAT. In the event of an unforeseen situation, after confirming your order, due to errors in the website, etc., you have the right to cancel the order, and I hope that you can notify the customer service department by email or phone in time.
You are entitled to cancel the order if the item you ordered is out of stock.


4. delivery and fees

This site will send the product to your designated shipping address. All delivery times listed on this site are reference time. The calculation of reference time is based on the stock status, normal processing and delivery time, and delivery location. The actual delivery time may be There are different. Shipping charges vary depending on the shipping method you choose.
Please fill in your real name, shipping address and contact details clearly and accurately. The site will not be liable for delays or failure to deliver orders due to the following conditions:
1. The customer provides error information and an unspecified address;
2. The delivery of the goods to the unmanned sign, resulting in the cost of repeated distribution and related consequences.
3. Force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden wars, etc.



5. Modification of the Terms of Service

This site may modify the relevant terms of this User Agreement from time to time. Once the terms and services are changed, the site will prompt the modification on the important page. If you do not agree to the changes made to the terms of the site, users can voluntarily cancel the obtained network services. If the user continues to use the services of this site, it is deemed to accept the change of the terms of service.
This site reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without notice to the user.



6. user privacy system

Respecting the privacy of users is a basic policy of this site. Therefore, as a supplement to the analysis of the second person registration data above, the site will not disclose, edit or disclose its registration materials and non-public content stored on the site without the authorization of the legal user, unless there is legal permission. The request or the stand on the basis of good faith believes that the disclosure of these letters is necessary in the following four situations:
1. Comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and follow the legal service procedures of this site.
2. Maintain the trademark ownership of this site.
3. Strive to maintain the privacy of users and the general public in an emergency.
4. Meet other relevant requirements.



7. the user's account, password and security

Once the user has successfully registered and becomes a legitimate user of the site, he will get a password and username. You can always change your password according to the instructions. The user will be solely responsible for the security of the username and password. In addition, each user is solely responsible for all activities and events conducted under their username. If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or a security breach, please notify the site immediately.


8. the storage and restriction of user information

This site is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information posted by the user. This site has the right to determine whether the user's behavior complies with the requirements and spirit of the site's terms of service. If the user violates the terms of the service, the site has the right to discontinue its provision of network services.


9. user management

The user is solely responsible for the content posted. User's use of the Service is based on all national, local and international legal standards applicable to the Site. Users must follow:
1. The transmission of technical information from within China must comply with relevant Chinese regulations.
2. Use of web services is not illegal.
3. Do not interfere with or confuse network services.
4. Comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures, and practices that use network services. Users must undertake not to transmit any illegal, illegal, infringing legal rights of others, harassing, slanderous, insulting, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene and other information.
In addition, users are not able to transmit information about what constitutes a criminal act; they cannot transmit information that contributes to domestic adverse conditions and national security; they cannot transmit any information that does not comply with local, national, and international laws.
It is prohibited to illegally enter other computer systems without permission.
If the user's behavior does not meet the above mentioned terms of service, the site will make an independent judgment to immediately cancel the user service account. Users are legally responsible for their actions on the Internet. If the user distributes and disseminates reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws on this site, the system's system records may be used as evidence that the user violated the law.


10. end the service

The user or the site may interrupt one or more network services at any time based on actual conditions. This site does not need to be responsible for any individual or third party and interrupt the service at any time. If the user disagrees with the subsequent modification of the terms or is dissatisfied with the service of the site, the following rights can be exercised:
1. Stop using the web service of this site.
2. Advertise the site to stop the service to the user.
After the user service is terminated, the user's right to use the network service is immediately suspended. From then on, the user has the right, and the site is not obligated to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to the household or third party.


11. Announcement

All notices sent to users can be sent via announcements on important pages or by email or regular mail. Modifications to the terms of the User Agreement, changes to the Service, or notices of other important events are made in this form.


12. Participate in advertising planning

Users add promotional materials or participate in advertising planning in their published messages, display their products on the free service of the site, any such promotional methods, including shipping goods, payments, services, business conditions, guarantees and advertising-related The descriptions only occur between the corresponding user and the advertiser. This site does not assume any responsibility, and this site is not obligated to take any responsibility for the sale of such advertising.


13. Ownership of Web Services Content

The network service content defined by this site includes: text, software, sound, pictures, video, graphics, all the contents of the advertisement; the entire content of the email; other information provided by the site for the user. All of this content is protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use these contents under the authorization of the site and advertisers, and cannot copy, reproduce or create derivative products related to the content. All the articles on this site are copyrighted by the original author and the site. Anyone who needs to reprint the article on this site must obtain the authorization of the original author or the site.


14. Limitation of Liability

If the website sales system crashes or fails to function due to force majeure, third-party infringement, hacking, viruses or other reasons beyond the control of the site, the online transaction cannot complete or lose relevant information, records, etc., and the site is not responsible. However, this site will assist in dealing with the aftermath as much as possible and strive to protect customers from economic losses.
Except for other restrictions and exclusions specified in the conditions of use of this site, any direct, indirect, special, incidental incidents arising out of or in connection with the transaction, to the extent permitted by Chinese laws and regulations. In the event of consequential or punitive damages, or damage of any other nature, the directors, officers, employees, agents or other representatives of the Site, the Site shall not be liable under any circumstances. The entire liability of the Site, whether under contract, guarantee, infringement (including negligence) or other liability, does not exceed the value of the commodity you purchased in relation to the claim.


15. Legal jurisdiction and application

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and resolution of disputes shall be governed by the laws of China.
In the event of any conflict between the terms of service of this site and Chinese law, these terms will be completely re-interpreted in accordance with the law, while other legal provisions will still have legal effect and influence on users.
The provisions of this Agreement are divisible. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the provision may be deleted and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.
In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the content of this Agreement or its execution, the parties shall endeavor to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiation; when the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the People's Court where the owner of the site is located.