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BOBOT—Make the world clean


BOBOT is dedicated to bring clean atmosphere to human begins. From floor dry cleaning, floor wet cleaning to high window cleaning, our products include the Spray Electric mop and Vacuuming Robot and the Window cleaning robots and so on.

A better robot supports us in intelligent way as well as convenient lifestyle. By cooperating with the people it serves more compellingly, and by physically interacting with its surroundings more effectively. As the innovating global consumer robotics company, BOBOT is developing best-in-class technology in the areas of cordless spray mop, frameless window edge detection, laser-slam navigation, Vacuum and Wet Integrated.


Cordless Spray Mop



BOBOT invests in the man control of water spray mop for floor use in order to provide our customers with light and convenient ways to clean floor.

With the large capacity detachable Li battery, the mop will work for longer time, no matter mopping or waxing, it give  you the shiny floor.




Frameless Edge Detection



BOBOT is dedicated to designing and producing robot solutions with Frameless window edge detecting technology that changes dangerous high window cleaning become easy thing to do.

Our robots’ core value from the perspective of the customer is the ability to efficiently perform a physical mission. BOBOT window cleaning robot produces the best performance on the window.



Laser-slam navigation

图片1BOBOT is focused on Laser-slam navigation technology to make our robots smarter, easy to use.

With built-in laser system, it provides accurate map of the room as well as slam navigation system provide revised signal from surroundings, thus, it won’t miss it way all the time. With Alexa sound assistant service, you could ask robots to do job at anytime, anywhere.


Vacuum and Wet Integrated



Imagine one day the kid breaks a cup of instant noodles, the soup and noodles pours on the floor, with our vacuum and wet integrated cleaner, the mess will magically disappear within one coverage. This Smart cleaner contains water flow system and independent vacuum clean system, that provide the customers with a high performance to content the needs of daily life.






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