BOBOT Brand Profile:


BOBOT IDEA —— 2011 originated from silicon valley in the USA and invented our robot vacuum robot,electric mop,robot window cleaner and so on. Now we had agents in the US,Canada,German,China and we are looking forward to establish new cooperation with you!


BOBOT Responsibility and Mission: Make the world clean



Practical Robots:


From concept to realize,it's not only the pursue of new rising markets in the world but the responsibility of BOBOT's faith.



BOBOT Creative Robot Concepts:


Smart, simple, practical and durable. Robots don't have to be "humanoids". Developing robots from a practical perspective and over-seeking forms will constrain the development of the robotics industry. BOBOT's mission is not only to build robots, but also to control costs within the reach of a family. BOBOT is different from the "fancy" domestic brands. BOBOT pays more attention to the core technology that is invisible inside, and provides users with simpler, more practical and durable robot products as the primary purpose!


BOBOT Core Technology:


BOBOT robot core technology is a kind of intelligent AI algorithm combining software and hardware. The hardware generally consists of several infrared detectors in front, bottom dust detector and drop sensor, brush brush edge brush speed measuring system, etc. Composition, and intelligent AI software is the core competitiveness of BOBOT! Through the information returned by the robot hardware, its own software can analyze the backhaul information, and calculate the approximate shape of the front obstacle according to the intensity, range, height, rotation speed, current magnitude, resistance and other parameters of the infrared return information. The processing result of the software, the result is the next cleaning method of the robot, and at the same time make more than 40 kinds of cleaning actions according to the environment, such as surrounding, folding, spiraling, welting, turning and so on.



The Main Development Direction of BOBOT Products:


Household and commercial robots. The functions involved are: cleaning, service, education, and investigation.

BOBOT wants to make the world clean: Dust is the enemy of human health. Not only does it carry many bacterial viruses and eggs, but it also spreads diseases. Excessive dust can also cause environmental pollution, affect people's normal life and work, and induce Human respiratory disease. The various cleaning products developed by BOBOT not only can effectively remove dust, but also make people enjoy the convenience of life.